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Has a brain injury resulted in long-term balance issues such as…

Difficulty walking
Trouble climbing stairs
Difficulty completing everyday tasks

If you or your loved one are still experiencing these issues and have reached the limits of current/past physical therapy, register for a free 15 mins phone call to learn more about PoNS TreatmentTM.

In clinical trials, 70% of patients who have completed the 14-week PoNS TreatmentTM have experienced significant improvements in their balance and mobility.

What is PoNS™?

The PoNS (short for Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator) is an innovative medical device that delivers mild electrical stimulation to the nerves of the tongue that connect with the nerves in the brain that may help restore balance and gait.

How does PoNS™ work?

When the device is on, the electrodes send mild electrical impulses to the tongue. These impulses stimulate the cranial nerves that have direct connections into the brain through the brain stem, the part of the brain that controls posture and balance. When the stimulation is combined with physical activity, changes may occur in the neural network. Training helps to strengthen the pathways and facilitates the recovery of function, which may result in improvements of balance and gait. Both balance and gait training are part of PoNS TreatmentTM  which is done using the PoNSTM device with the help of a PoNS TreatmentTM specialist.


Real stories about PoNS TreatmentTM

My walking improved by ways of not looking impaired which made me feel more confident and helped me engage in social activities that I would have passed on before the PoNS treatment.

RG 48-year-old male

Clinic Locations

Currently there are five clinics offering PoNS Treatment™ with more to come.

PoNS Treatment™ is exclusively offered by Heuro™ authorized clinics, with multiple locations across Canada and more opening soon. To register to be notified of future clinic locations, or to request a clinic near you, visit

Contact a clinic to explore treatment options and cost.
If you still have questions about PoNS Treatment™, please visit our Contact Us page.

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